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Home Staging is a MUST & MORE Important Than Ever In The Luxury Home Real Estate Market!

About Us: AH Staging is the premier luxury home staging company in the nation. Celebrating 20+ years making properties more beautiful and more marketable, we treat every space like a unique vignette, telling its story through compelling, chic design.

Sold In 30 Days

• Our homes frequently sell faster and for higher prices than unstaged homes. AH Staging specializing in the luxury housing market, providing exquisite staging services to real estate agents, developers + homeowners which propel properties to inspire record-high sale prices + quick closes. • We bring our eclectic, often one-of-kind pieces along with gallery quality art aesthetic to our interior design clients, furnishing not only their residences, but also commercial spaces and events. • No longer sought out simply for the basics of de-cluttering and depersonalizing, AH Staging’s luxury home staging has elevated the process to an art form with our sophisticated design concepts and ability to bring a complete lifestyle experience to life for discriminating buyers. Maximizing every inch of the home to create a vision of what it will be like to live there. • When buyers walk in, you want every inch to speak to them. We are able to expand the footprint of the home and show buyers the value they’re getting • AH Staging Home has been featured on HGTV and CNBS’s Secret Lives of The Super Rich.

Sold in 10 Days

WHY STAGING WORKS! Regardless of budget, location or any other variable, a prospective buyer walking into a property is always looking for the same thing; that elusive, almost indefinable extra something– an emotional element that grabs them & holds them until they can’t imagine calling anywhere else “home”. Once you bring a buyer “home”- the rest is easy. A property will sell itself– and FAST… AH Staging has mastered the art of bringing buyers home. With our large warehouse of classic contemporary furnishings, art, photography and thoughtful accents, our creative team has successfully staged numerous properties, many of which have sold in under 30 days for record-high prices. Let AH Staging transform your space into that emotional experience. Your space has a story. AH Staging Home brings that story to life.

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