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October 21, 2019

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3 Proven tips to Stage Your Home to Sell

August 12, 2015

Don't Just Take Aspen Home Staging's Word For It....

3 proven tips to stage your home to sell 

Staging a home for sale can pay off big for Realtors and homeowners, according to the Houston Business Journal.
Aspen Home Staging a home for sale can pay off big for Realtors and homeowners.
On average, redecorating and remodeling a home can bring three times the return on investment at closing. Staging helps homes sell faster and for more money,


Staging is a science more than an art, and has become an integral part of selling homes,  Unlike interior design, staging is done not to suit the current homeowners’ tastes, but to make the home appealing to a wider range of prospective buyers.

Our goal is to bring out the positive features of the property and improve its show quality,”  “We want to show the buyer the potential that the home has for them. Everything we do is geared toward getting more money at closing.”

Here are three tips to stage a home to sell, according to Aspen Home Staging.
1. Update carpets, wall paint and countertops.
Remodeling is costly, but replacing the carpets, putting a fresh coat of paint and upgrading the countertops can really make a difference in selling a home.
AHS recommends rugs that are low-profile, sleek and don’t take over the space; light, neutral paint colors; and light-colored quartzite or Carerra marble countertops that are more durable and dense than dark granite countertops.
Buyers have certain expectations, they don’t want fixer-uppers anymore. Buyers want immediate gratification.
2. Declutter. Less is more.
 Aspen Home Staging recommends using a few focal point pieces — larger-scale art and furniture — to bring buyers’ eyes to the space, but not detract from it.
In particular, buyers pay close attention to the kitchen and master suite, which are often cluttered with knick knacks.
Aspen Home Staging recommends decluttering the kitchen and creating a spa-like atmosphere in the master bedroom and bathroom. That means: removing unused appliances from kitchen countertops, getting rid of decorative pillows from the bed and putting clean white towels in the bathroom, he said.
3. Homes need a lived-in look.
Vacant homes often take longer to sell because buyers think the homeowner is desperate to sell.
Getting a so-called “home manager” to live on the property to give it a lived-in look can help reduce the chance of getting low-ball offers, AHS said. Even when staging homes, we make the changes feel organic.


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