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WEHO Modern

WEHO modern decorating has formed into a style in its own right. Western Home Modern decor instantly adds a contemporary feel to a space, with its natural inspired textures, organic warmth, and earthy colors. Use weathered and refined furnishings and fixtures to create your WEHO modern space as well as including items that are honed, hammered and distressed. The WEHO modern approach works best when presented in minimalistic arrangements and lends itself well to open floor plans with preserved and exposed natural architectural elements.

An important feature of a WEHO modern home is to bring nature inside. Be sure to include elements of wood and stone and natural fabrics carried through to upholstery, rugs, and linens. Throw pillows instantly add natural appeal in jute, sheepskin, sisal or hides. WEHO modern decorating celebrates natural elements and marries casual warmth and the comfort of western style with the clean and fresh look of contemporary décor. Achieve a WEHO modern approach by incorporating a few eclectic items such as bold kilim patterns, natural wood finishes, dark leather chairs, reclaimed furniture, and ottomans.

WEHO Modern Inspiration


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