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Luxury Home Staging & Interior Design Services

Home Staging

An empty house can be uninspiring and overwhelming to buyers. Aspen Home Staging brings the imagination and insight they need to become excited about a property.

As Colorado's premiere home staging company, our designers bring furniture, artwork, rugs, lighting, plants, and accessories into vacant houses, transforming them into homes that look luxurious and lived in.

Our homes sell quickly and for the highest prices in their neighborhoods.

All of our furnishings are for sale.


Luxury Furniture Leasing Packages

Home buyers and renters often need temporary furnishings. Too often, rented interiors look bland and worn. There’s no need to live even a short while in a space that doesn’t feel like home.

Aspen Home Staging offers luxury furniture leasing with high end personalized design. We not only provide furniture, artwork, rugs, lighting, and plants, but also bedding, kitchenware, and everything else needed to live fully and comfortably in a home.

We create rooms that feel personal — for whatever time they’re needed.




Quick AND Easy! Completely installed luxurious interior decorated  home in days or weeks NOT months or years.! No more tedious picking out fabrics and paint colors. You need a finished home, right away. We can help.
Aspen Home Staging takes our high end, luxury furniture packages expertise and now offers INSTAHOME, which offers you the taste and experience of our interior designers without the time consuming burden...


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