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Why Eiderdown Comforter Is a MUST HAVE!

Absolutely nothing else even comes close when it comes to sleeping in Pure Unadulterated Luxury ~ Eiderdown has unique characteristics

There are so many excellent reasons as to why the eiderdown is so valuable and irreplaceable as the premier down comforter.

Yes, it's expensive because it is Rare: Aspen Picks is the real thing! All orders are custom made Don't be fooled-If it's too good to be true, then it's NOT the real thing. Inexpensive knockoffs use a small percentage of Eiderdown with a LARGE percentage of fill.

Eiderdown's several unique characteristics:

  • Fiber structure: The fibers of the down are tangled together in a unique way.

  • Softness: Eiderdown is incredibly soft, so soft that it feels like you’re touching a cloud.

  • Insulating: It has powerful insulating and temperature-regulating properties.

  • Lightness: Eiderdown is very light. It naturally expands and holds a lot of air while providing powerful insulation.

  • Compression resistance: It is extremely resistant to compression, ensuring that duvets made from it will continue to stay fluffy.

It is hard to explain in words the incredible feeling of eiderdown in words. Eiderdown must be experienced... Holding and touching it is really an incredible experience, it feels like something from another world.

Eiderdown likely is the lightest, softest, warmest and most comfortable natural material on the planet.


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